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Python Web Scraping: Need help writing this code without repeating it 26 times

I'm writing this web scraping program that takes the forex retail trading sentiment from IG Markets and displays it in the console. Here's the code I got so far:
import bs4, requests def getIGsentiment(pairUrl): res = requests.get(pairUrl) res.raise_for_status() soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(res.text, 'html.parser') elems ='.price-ticket__sentiment') return elems[0].get_text(" ", strip = True) retail_positions = getIGsentiment('') print ('EUUSD: ' + retail_positions[0:32].rstrip() + '.')) retail_positions = getIGsentiment('') print ('EUCHF: ' + retail_positions[0:32].rstrip() + '.')) 
This code is for 2 pairs, however, I need the output for 26 pairs and I don't want to type the url 26 times.
Is there a way to do this? I was thinking lists or dictionaries but don't know where to start.
BTW, I'm new to programming, I just read Automate the boring stuff up to the web scraping chapter and that's how I wrote this.
Thank you.

EDIT: I got it
pair_list = ['eur-chf', 'eur-aud', 'eur-jpy'] for i in range(len(pair_list)): retail_positions = getIGsentiment('' + (pair_list[i])) pair = pair_list[i] print(pair, retail_positions[0:32].rstrip() + '.')

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